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Orange choice

Goal Bringing the color orange into the Mionetto brand identity.
Concept Orange nature, energy, passion.
Design The Pantone 2018 color becomes the protagonist of a story that explores the very nature of orange and the evocations it brings to the Mionetto imagination. The color comes from the history of the famous Prosecco brand, but it is reinterpreted in a contemporary and sophisticated way, so as to give it a new and more passionate character without betraying its vocation for elegance and tradition. The new Pantone 2018 thus becomes a substantial part of the brand’s semantic codes, starting right from the new logo, bringing it back to the oblique elements that are the Mionetto distinctive sign.
category: Films, Brand identity
client: Mionetto
year: 2018

"Orange is the
happiest color"

Frank Sinatra