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Praise to nature

Praise to nature

Goal Concept development for the International Cork’s new campaign.
Concept “Nature is amazing; before we know it, we feel it”. After an in-depth study of the cork and the values that this object brings to tables all over the world, what emerged and guided the development of the project is the importance of nature. Human sensorial capability allows us to recognize the superiority of our nature, and this is why we feel that the cork is the right and sustainable choice because it is natural, just like us. This is the concept developed for the new advertising campaign which is based on three keywords: supremacy, sensoriality, sustainability.
Design The implicit language of art was used to express the three pillars of the concept; we don’t need to use words because the interlocutor shall intensively feel the supremacy of nature. The supremacy, the first pillar of this concept, was expressed by the language of artistic photography where the skillful use of lights, colors and shapes communicates a high sense of greatness. This type of photography calls attention to human sensoriality, which allows us to recognize the superiority of all natural things. It’s our own nature that helps us to understand what is good for us and for our land. A cap made of cork is a sustainable choice so the object itself expresses the last pillar of the campaign. The result is elegant visuals, minimal, but at the same time, purposely evoking certain emotions.
category: Campaign
client: Argine
year: 2020

Praise to the Superiority
of our Nature.

Nature is wonderful, before we know it we feel it.
Our senses teach us, science can only confirm it.

The highest form of efficiency hidden in the highest form of beauty. Scientists and artists of all ages continue to search for its secrets and rules. How could they had known 2,500 years ago that a cylinder of a few centimeters of the bark of a cork had the ability to preserve the most precious of nectars for many decades or that it could absorb CO2? Humans feel it: touching, smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting. We are extraordinary living beings, we belong to something superior, nature, the essence of which we are made, when we listen to it we make the right choice. For our beloved wine and for our precious Earth a cork stopper is the right choice. We know it.