Goal Creation of the identity concept of the MVK+ITALIA outdoor kitchen. Concept The idea behind the project is to relate the object to its context of use. The natural environment…

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Goal Creation of an iconic stylish object for the Asolo Experience Montelvini Project. Concept The charm of organic aesthetics derived from 3D printing technology blends with the brand's sustainability values…

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The coffee cup took its name from the place that gave birth to Domenico Bristot's roastery over a hundred years ago and it’s is the perfect synthesis of the brand's DNA. Inspired by the rigorous forms of Italian design of the 1950s, the Bristot coffee cup is the perfect combination of identity and function. While the external shape seems carved into the dolomite rock, the internal egg-shaped well is considered ideal by the Bristot Academy for best tasting experience of its coffee. The cup is destined to become an icon of the Bristot brand.

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Goal Creazione di un visual concept dedicato proprietà del vetro e alle sue differenti caratteristiche estetico-funzionali. Concept Raccontare le differenti capacità del vetro di controllare, riflettere e manipolare la luce,…

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